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Warner Brothers Harry Potter Stores

Warner Brothers Enhances Harry Potter Store Experience with Phygrid Solutions


Warner Brothers, seeking to manage the overwhelming popularity of their Harry Potter stores worldwide, faced significant challenges in optimizing customer flow and ensuring a magical experience for every visitor. The stores, destinations for fans of the franchise, often experienced high foot traffic, leading to long wait times and difficulties in maintaining a comfortable occupancy level.


The primary challenge was efficiently managing the occupancy within the Harry Potter stores to enhance the customer experience while adhering to safety standards. The goal was to implement a system that could accurately count visitors, manage queues effectively, and notify customers promptly when it was their turn to enter, thereby reducing physical lines and wait times.


Warner Brothers partnered with Phygrid to deploy an integrated solution combining People Counter and Queue Management systems across their Harry Potter stores globally. The People Counter utilized advanced stereoscopic sensors to measure footfall accurately, providing real-time data on store occupancy. This data was then seamlessly integrated with the Queue Management system to automate customer flow.

Key Components of the Deployment:

  • People Counter Technology: Stereoscopic sensors were installed at store entrances and exits to count visitors accurately, ensuring reliable occupancy data.
  • Queue Management Integration: The system used occupancy data to manage queues effectively, automatically adjusting customer entry based on current space availability.
  • SMS Notification System: Visitors were given the option to register upon arrival and receive SMS messages when it was their turn to enter the store, allowing them to explore nearby areas without standing in a physical line.


The implementation of Phygrid's People Counter and Queue Management solutions transformed the visitor experience at Harry Potter stores, resulting in several key outcomes:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers enjoyed reduced wait times and the freedom to explore outside the store until their turn, leading to higher satisfaction levels.
  • Optimized Occupancy Management: Real-time occupancy monitoring enabled the stores to maintain ideal visitor numbers, improving safety and comfort without compromising the magical atmosphere.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The automated system allowed staff to focus on customer service and experience enhancement, rather than manual crowd control and counting.
  • Positive Brand Perception: By leveraging technology to address queue and occupancy challenges, Warner Brothers reinforced its image as a customer-centric brand committed to providing exceptional experiences.


Warner Brothers' deployment of Phygrid's People Counter and Queue Management systems in their Harry Potter stores stands as a testament to the power of digital solutions in transforming retail environments. By prioritizing customer experience and operational efficiency, Warner Brothers has set a new standard for retail management in high-traffic entertainment stores, ensuring every visit to the world of Harry Potter is as enchanting as it should be.

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