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Security and Compliance

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Security and Compliance

Commitment to Excellence in Security and Compliance for Retail Digitalization

The transition towards digital retail is filled with opportunities and accompanied by the critical need for stringent security and compliance measures. Phygrid rises to this challenge, grounded in the ISO27001 certified ISMS of the Ombori Group. This certification is more than a credential; it's a reflection of our enduring commitment to protecting the digital landscape of our clients.

A Foundation of Security

Security is integral to the Phygrid platform, implemented through a comprehensive framework developed in partnership with our sister company, Fendops. With a legacy rooted in securing digital ecosystems, Fendops provides state-of-the-art IT operations and security services that fortify Phygrid against cyber threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust and resilient digital environment for our users.

Sustained Compliance and Data Protection

Adhering to regulatory standards and ensuring data protection are ongoing commitments for Phygrid. Our compliance measures are meticulously designed to uphold the highest data privacy standards, offering peace of mind to our clients and their customers alike. This commitment extends beyond mere adherence to regulations, embodying our dedication to maintaining trust and integrity in all our operations.

Enabling Secure Digital Transformation

We understand that security should empower, not hinder, innovation. Phygrid's platform is engineered to support secure digital transformation, providing retailers with the scalability, reliability, and agility needed to excel in the competitive digital arena. Our platform facilitates growth while ensuring that every step forward is taken on secure footing.

Transparency and Partnership

At Phygrid, we value the trust our clients place in us. Our approach to security and compliance is characterized by transparency, offering insight into our practices and the measures we take to safeguard digital retail environments. We view our relationship with clients as a partnership, where mutual success is built on a foundation of security and trust.

Stay Updated with Our Service Status

To keep our users informed, Phygrid offers a dedicated service status page, providing real-time updates on system performance and operational status. This transparency ensures that retailers can manage their digital solutions effectively and with confidence.

Discover More About Our Security Measures

For those interested in a deeper understanding of our security practices and compliance posture, we welcome inquiries. Our team is ready to provide detailed information about the ISMS of the Ombori Group and how it shapes the secure, compliant foundation of the Phygrid platform.