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On the 10th of December we hosted our second ever Ombori Event with the theme FORWARD. We made many exciting announcements and together we will explored how we are adapting quickly to changes in the world.


  • Ombori - Andreas Hassellöf, Chief Executive Officer
  • Andermatt Alps - Thomas Landis, Chief Digital Officer,
  • Town of Cary - Terry Yates, PMO and Smart City Program Manager
  • BoConcept / The Marketing Store - Nick Goff, Client Development Partner
  • Bambuser - Maryam Ghahremani, Chief Executive Officer
  • Kjell & Co - Martin Knutson, Chief Technical Officer
  • Microsoft - Linda Pimmeshofer, Retail Industry Executive
  • Microsoft - Ricardo Mendez, Azure Stack Edge Team
  • Intel - Matt Ward, General Manager IOT Retail
  • Avanade - Rasmus Hyltegård & Aaron Reich, Global Lead Emerging Technology
  • Mikael Bengtsson, ITAB, Product Manager
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