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First Ombori Special Event

Digital solutions to reopen your business and be future ready Customer expectations in retail have been changing rapidly and with the events of 2020 the pace of change is increasing exponentially.

At this event we will introduce the June 2020 release of the Ombori Grid and how we are working with industry leaders and innovative startups to enable our clients to move faster than ever before.

We will focus on retail, but with content also relevant for public sector, healthcare, banking and office spaces.

  • Which immediate needs can we address right now?
  • How do we ensure business continuity?
  • What comes next, and how do we plan for the future?


  • Intro
  • Welcome - Andreas Hassellöf, Ombori
  • Ombori Grid - Andreas Hassellöf, Ombori
  • Microsoft Collaboration - Linda Pimmeshofer, Microsoft
  • Future of Retail - Andreas Elgaard, ITAB
  • Covid-19 Response - Andreas Hassellöf, Ombori
  • Ombori Grid Video
  • June 2020 Release of Ombori Grid
  • Azure IoT Edge on Ombori Grid - Tony Shakib, Microsoft
  • Samsung on Ombori Grid - Henrik Hansen, Samsung
  • Empowering employees - Carl Norberg, Turnpike
  • Personal physical store experience - Fredrik Lundin, Store Lens
  • Collaboration - Openness - Speed - Andreas Hassellöf, Ombori with Andreas Elgaard, ITAB
  • Wrapping up...


  • Andréas Elgaard, CEO, ITAB
  • Tony Shakib, General Manager & Partner, Microsoft Azure IoT
  • Linda Pimmeshofer, Retail Industry Executive, Microsoft
  • Henrik Hansen, Business Development Manager, Samsung
  • Carl Norberg, Founder, Turnpike Group
  • Fredrik Lundin, CEO, Store Lens
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