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Target in-store search

Target Australia’s customers hit bullseye with Phygrid in-store search

Shopping at a department store should be fun and convenient. These days it’s also imperative for retailers that are facing massive disruption from e-commerce. But can department stores bridge the gap between mobile online shopping and the in-store experience in a way that’s meaningful for customers?

Target Australia, one of the largest department store chains in Australia, has deployed an innovative tech solution from digital experiences leader Phygrid that does just this at its flagship store on Bourke Street, in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district.

Target installed Ombori Endless Aisle, a series of in-store displays that combine in-store and online shopping experiences, and give customers a way to hand-off purchases and product searches between mobile devices and in-store interactive displays.

Customers can use voice to interact with the kiosk’s display to find products or just flick through the product catalogue using the touchscreen. The kiosks contain Target’s entire inventory — including items not currently available in the store.

They also feature the Phygrid Wayfinder, a location service that helps customers find precisely which shelf a product can be found on. It’s a time-saver for customers navigating vast retail spaces.

And if the item isn’t in stock, the kiosks inform customers whether it’s available at a nearby store and gives them the option to buy it online to have the item shipped home.

Target Australia also deployed two of Phygrid’s famous Magic Mirrors — the same Ombori Magic Mirrors installed at fashion retail giant H&M’s New York City flagship store.

The Magic Mirror is equipped with a selfie camera and an AI-powered voice assistant run on the Microsoft Azure cloud that takes a snap of the customer on demand and renders their face on the cover of a magazine. Customers are prompted by the Magic Mirror and use their voice to instruct it to take a snap and then wait for the magic moment to happen. The images become a digital asset that customers can easily share on Instagram or Facebook or just send as a message to family and friends.