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Etihad Miles for Bottles

Etihad Airways and Tomra's Innovative Loyalty Program Integration


Etihad Airways, a leading global airline, sought innovative ways to engage customers beyond the traditional airport setting and enhance its loyalty program, Etihad Miles. Recognizing the growing consumer interest in sustainability, Etihad partnered with Tomra, a global leader in recycling solutions, to deploy Tomra Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) integrated with the Phygrid platform. This strategic move aimed to promote recycling efforts while onboarding new customers to their loyalty program.


The challenge was twofold: firstly, to encourage sustainable behaviors among the public through recycling and secondly, to leverage these environmental efforts to grow Etihad's loyalty program. The initiative needed to be compelling enough to engage users not just once but as part of an ongoing commitment to recycling and the airline's loyalty program.


Etihad Airways and Tomra, utilizing the Phygrid platform, implemented a seamless integration between Tomra RVMs and the Etihad Miles loyalty program. Participants could recycle bottles and cans using the RVMs and instantly receive Etihad Miles as a reward for their contribution to sustainability. This solution was deployed in strategic locations, inviting broad public participation.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Rapid Deployment: The solution was integrated with the Etihad Miles program and deployed within just two weeks, showcasing the efficiency and scalability of the Phygrid platform.
  • Loyalty Program Integration: Users could easily claim Etihad Miles as rewards for their recycling efforts, directly linking sustainable behavior with tangible benefits.
  • User Engagement: The RVMs featured an intuitive interface, making it simple for users to participate and understand the impact of their recycling actions.


The deployment of Tomra RVMs integrated with Etihad Miles resulted in remarkable outcomes within the first six weeks:

  • Recycling Growth: There was a 25% week-over-week increase in recycling, demonstrating the initiative's effectiveness in promoting environmental responsibility.
  • Volume of Recycling: Over 5,200 bottles were recycled during this period, highlighting the significant environmental impact of the campaign.
  • Loyalty Program Engagement: An impressive 80% of participants chose to claim Etihad Miles as rewards, indicating strong engagement with the airline's loyalty program.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The initiative received an NPS score of 80, reflecting the public's high appreciation for the integration of sustainability with rewards.
  • Increased Engagement: 44% of customers who utilized the solution showed increased engagement with the Etihad Miles program, underscoring the initiative's success in boosting loyalty and customer interaction.


The collaboration between Etihad Airways, Tomra, and Phygrid represents a groundbreaking approach to integrating sustainability with customer loyalty programs. By rewarding recycling efforts with Etihad Miles, the initiative not only supported environmental conservation but also significantly enhanced customer engagement with the airline's loyalty program. This case study demonstrates the potential of innovative partnerships and digital solutions to drive sustainable behaviors while delivering substantial business and environmental benefits.