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BoConcept experience points

BoConcept and The Marketing Store - Enhancing Retail with Phygrid


BoConcept, a global leader in furniture design and retail, sought to elevate the in-store shopping experience by offering customers interactive and engaging ways to explore their extensive range of customizable furniture. In collaboration with The Marketing Store, a creative agency known for crafting innovative retail experiences, BoConcept turned to Phygrid to integrate cutting-edge digital solutions into their physical stores.


The primary challenge was to bridge the gap between physical product exploration and digital customization options, enabling customers to effortlessly discover and visualize furniture in various materials and colors. BoConcept wanted to offer a more immersive, tactile shopping experience that empowered customers to engage deeply with the customization possibilities of their furniture.


Leveraging the Phygrid platform, BoConcept and The Marketing Store developed an interactive installation that transformed the way customers interact with furniture customization options. The centerpiece of this solution was a smart reader designed to recognize physical swatches of different colors and materials.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Interactive Swatch Reader: Customers could pick up physical swatches representing different materials and colors and place them on the reader. This interaction would instantly trigger relevant content on an adjacent touchscreen display.
  • Touchscreen Exploration: The beautiful, high-resolution touchscreen allowed customers to explore furniture pieces available in the selected material, view them in various color options, and access detailed information about customization choices.
  • Phygrid Platform Integration: The entire experience was powered by Phygrid, enabling seamless integration between the physical swatch reader, the digital content on the touchscreen, and BoConcept’s product database.


The collaboration between BoConcept, The Marketing Store, and Phygrid led to remarkable results, significantly enhancing the customer experience in

BoConcept stores:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: The interactive installation captivated customers, encouraging them to spend more time exploring customization options and engaging with the BoConcept brand.
  • Enhanced Product Discovery: The tactile interaction with physical swatches, combined with the digital exploration of furniture options, provided customers with a comprehensive understanding of the customization possibilities, leading to more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Positive Feedback: Customers expressed high satisfaction with the innovative shopping experience, appreciating the blend of physical and digital elements in exploring their options.
  • Agency Empowerment: The project showcased Phygrid as an excellent platform for agencies like The Marketing Store to build and deploy interactive experiences in physical spaces, highlighting its versatility and ease of integration.


The interactive swatch reader installation at BoConcept stores represents a groundbreaking approach to retail experience design, seamlessly merging physical and digital elements to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. By leveraging the Phygrid platform, BoConcept and The Marketing Store not only addressed the challenge of showcasing extensive customization options but also set a new standard for interactive retail experiences. This case study underscores the potential of collaborative innovation between brands, creative agencies, and technology providers to create captivating and meaningful customer interactions in physical retail environments.

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